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New Communications of the ACM story | April 23, 2021

The ACM recently published an article on the importance of federally funded IT research and the long term economic impacts of this funding. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report, led by our very own Beth, traces the investments since the mid-1990s alongside the evolution IT innovations. And as noted in the article, "It's important to note this is not just about the past; it continues to be a great investment."

Congrats Jessica 2021 COC Graduate Student Award | April 23, 2021

Congrats to Jessica on her honorable mention Dissertation Award at the 30th annual College of Computing Awards.

Qualifier Success! | April 23, 2021

Congratulations to Toma and Nicole for passing their oral and written qualifiers! We are so proud of you both for passing this milestone in your PhD journey!

Jessica is recognized with the ischools Dissertation Award! Huge congratulations, Jessica! We are so proud! | February 26, 2021

Dr. Jessica Pater’s winning dissertation is titled Digital Self-Harm: Implications of Eating Disordered Behaviors Online. Here is what the Committee had to say:

The thesis addressed a significant and highly sensitive social problem, taking an intellectually rigorous approach that has widespread potential impact.

Reviewers commented that the thesis demonstrates careful scholarship, with a “clear engagement with previous literature” and a “systematic review, with excellent synthesis”. The method is highlighted as including “not one, but a set of case studies” that thoroughly develop and test the thesis’ hypothesis in a robust process.

The panel also noted that the research presented has value for the wider information science community now, and in the future: “there is a clear case that the thesis confirms, but also alters much of our existing theories on social impacts of information”, and “the ideas created and presented transcend the topic studied”.

Most importantly, the social applicability and benefit of the research are tangible, presenting a “compelling case” for both the research and the problem it addresses. Overall the thesis, in the words of one reviewer “is a clear example case for the vital value of information science for the global community”.

New CHI Paper on Understanding Clinician Assessment of Digital Self-Harm | February 12, 2021

Jessica and Beth have a new CHI paper on understanding how Clinicians assess for aspects of digital self-harm and their thoughts about the impacts of technology on the presentation of eating disorders. In this interview study they uncovered tensions related to clinician comfor and education into the (mis)use of technologies. They also explore the balancing of the positive and negative aspects of social media use with patients both prior to and post-clinical intervention. Finally, they also highlight the tensions of using social media within clinical practices and the use of social media data in the identification and treatment of patients with eating disorders. Click here to read the full paper. Congrats to Jess and Beth!