Lab News

Workshop Papers Accepted to CHI 2018 | February 27, 2018

The lab has two workshop papers accepted for CHI 2018, both led by Jessica Pater: Does the Punishment fit the "crime"? Online harassment policies and the case of self-harm co-authored with Casey Fiesler, has been accepted to the Understanding "Bad Actors" Online Workshop, and Digital Self-harm - A case study of eating disorders and social media co-authored with Beth Mynatt, has been accepted to the CHI 2018 Symposium on Computing and Mental Health.

Mynatt at 2018 AAAS Annual Meeting | February 14, 2018

Beth is traveling to Austin, TX this week to participate in the Annual American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). In collaboration with Ann Drobnis, they organized the session Transforming Cities, Transportation, and Agriculture with Intelligent Infrastructure. This builds on the momentum from her recent congressional testimony. To learn more about the session, click here. Way to go Beth!

Pater invited to present at CHIM 2018 | February 2, 2018

Jessica has been invited to present her work on Defining Digital Self-harm at the 2018 Consumer Health Informatics in the Midwest Meeting next Saturday (2/10) in Fort Wayne, IN. This workshop will start a dialogue between consumer health informatics researchers, beginning with scholars who are located close to one another geographically. The purpose of the meeting will be to share information about ongoing projects and explore collaborative opportunities. Congrats Jessica!

Mynatt to Give Distinguished Lecture at Brown University | February 1, 2018

Beth will give a Distinguished Lecture next Thursday (2/8) at Brown University, Rethinking Ubiquitous Computing to Transform Healthcare. In this talk, she will draw from a number of research projects that integrate computing research, human-centered design, and health management theory to create promising approaches for promoting wellness, supporting behavior change and delivering improved health outcomes.
Update: Click here to watch Beth in action!

Mynatt Goes to Washington! | January 30, 2018

Led by moderate Dan Lopresti, Beth along with Henning Schulzrinne, Matt Wansley, and Nadya Bliss served on a panel representing computing researchers in academia and industry, making the case for intelligent infrastructure to congressmen, congressional staffers, and other stakeholders. They argued that while infrastructure needs are critical, it would be shortsighted to simply replicate more of what we have. Intelligent infrastructure is the deep embedding of sensing, computing, and communications capabilities into traditional urban and rural physical infrastructures such as roads, buildings, bridges, pipelines, water and electric distribution systems for the purpose of increasing efficiency, resiliency, and safety. To read more about this testimony, click here.