Lab News

New JAMIA article | July 1, 2019

Jessica has a new journal article in JAMIA Selection biases in technology-based intervention research: patients’ technology use relates to both demographic and health-related inequities with collaborators Tammy Toscos, Michelle Drouin, Mindy Flanagan, Rachel Pfafman and Michael Mirro.

New Article in the Medical Care Journal | June 28, 2019

Beth has a new journal article in Medical Care Leveling Up: On the Potential of Upstream Health Informatics Interventions to Enhance Health Equity with collaborators Tiffany Veinot, Jessica Ancker, Heather Cole-Lewis, Andrea Parker, Katie Siek and Lena Mamykina.

Matthew Hong awarded the George Family Foundation Fellowship! | May 16, 2019

Matthew Hong was recently awarded a 2019 George Family Foundation Fellowship! The George Family Foundation was established by Georgia Institute of Technology alumnus Bill George, who had a successful career in health care. He made significant contributions in health care delivery through his leadership and his many books on Authentic Leadership. Congrats Matthew!

ECL at CHI | May 15, 2019

ECL will be attending CHI 2019! Jessica and Beth will be participating in the The Workgroup on Interactive Systems in Health (WISH) . Jessica will present her paper "Notjustgirls”: Exploring male-related eating disordered content across social media platforms . We are look forward to seeing everyone in Glasgow!!

Beth co-leads CCC workshop on Content Generation and Workforce Training | April 22, 2019

The Computing Community Consortium recently convened a visioning workshop focused on new research visions for authoring rich graphical content for new workforce training. The workshop was co-lead by Beth, Holly Rushmeier (Yale), Kapil Chalil Madathil (Clemson), Tony Derose (Pixar), Jessica Hodgins (CMU), and Blair MacIntyre (GT + Mozilla). To listen to the Catalizing Computing podcast which discusses the goals and outcomes of the event, click here. Congrats Beth!!