Lab News

New CHI Paper on Empowering Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment | February 12, 2021

Tamara and Beth have a new CHI publication! The paper is focused on a study where they observed how ten dyads with an older adult with mild cognitive impairment and their care partners interacted with Google home over the course of ten weeks. A total of 3878 interactions were reviewed to better understand their experiences and survey data to understand individual preferences and priorities for automated assistance in the home. Click here to check out the paper. Congrats Tamara and Beth!!

New paper on proprioceptively displayed interfaces | January 15, 2021

Led by Dr. Clint Zeagler, this paper describes a between-participant study (104 participants) to determine how well users can locate e-textile interface discrete target touch points on the forearm without visual attention. We examine whether the addition of active touch embroidery and passive touch nubs (metal snaps with vibro-tactile stimulation) helps in locating input touch points accurately. They found that touch points towards the middle of the interface on the forearm were more difficult to touch accurately than at the ends. They also found that the addition of vibro-tactile stimulation aids in the accuracy of touch interactions by over 9% on average, and by almost 17% in the middle of the interface. Click here to read the paper. Congrats to Clint, Beth, and the rest of the team!

New Blog Post about User Research with Older Adults | January 8, 2021

Niharika recently published a new blog post about research within the lab with older adults. Pulling from her work on the Mild Cognitive Impairment project, she offers a list of ideas that might help user researchers who work with older adults. Great work Niharika!

Tamara named top Atlanta 25 under 25 innovator | December 18, 2020

Tamara was named a top Atlanta 25 under 25 innovator by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Tamara is the co-founder of a company, Vericrypt, which uses artificial intelligence to score bias in news text. To learn more about Tamara and the other innovators, click here. Congrats Tamara!!

Beth named Finalist for 2020 Women of the Year in STEAM Award! | October 6, 2020

Women in Technology (WIT) have named Beth as a finalist for WIT’s 2020 Women of the Year in STEAM Award. She is one of three finalists in the technology category for this annual WIT sponsored Women of the Year award held in Atlanta, Georgia. To learn more, click here. Congrats Beth!!

LGBTQ+Rise Up COVID-19 Project Launches | October 6, 2020

Georgia Tech and Georgia State University have teamed up on a project called LGBTQ+ RISE UP. The goal of the project is to use multimedia technology through a longitudinal, diary-based study to empower the LGBTQIA+ community to understand and document how LGBTQIA+ adults demonstrate resilience and coping strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more click here.

Graduation - Congrats Jessica! | August 2, 2020

Congratulations to Jessica for her recent graduation! Check out her dissertation, Digital Self-Harm: Implications of eating disordered behaviors online. Jessica is a Senior Research Scientist at Parkview Health and was recently promoted to Manager of the Health Services and Informatics Research Lab.

Graduation - Congrats Matthew! | May 20, 2020

Congratulations to Matthew for his recent graduation! Check out his dissertation, Designing Collaborative Mobile Health Experiences for Adolescent Patients. Matthew is joining the University of Washington as a National Library of Medicine Postdoctoral Fellow.

Maia Joins Northwestern Univeristy | May 15, 2020

Maia will start as a Assistant Professor at Northwestern University in January 2021! She is the Wissner-Slivka Junior Assistant Professor of Computer Science with a joint appointment in preventative medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. Congrats Maia!!

Jessica joins CSCW 2020 Organizing Committee | March 22, 2020

Jessica has agreed to serve as Sponsorship Chair of CSCW 2020. CSCW will be virtual this year and take place on October 17-21 and will be co-located with UIST this year. Congrats Jessica!