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Beth Mynatt at the White House | January 31, 2015

Beth Mynatt participated in the launch of President Barack Obama's Precision Medicine initiative at the White House.
The goal of precision medicine —also known as personalized medicine —is to identify and treat the exact form of disease in patients based on their genome. This approach also allows doctors to tailor drugs to each individual and avoid ineffective or harmful drugs.
At the launch event on January 30, the President hosted academics, scientists and government officials to announce details of the new initiative.
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Convergence Innovation Competition win for Jessica and Maia! | November 6, 2014

On Wednesday November 5, 2014 lab members Jessica Pater and Maia Jacobs, along with four other students (Casey Fiesler, Miranda Parker, Catherine Grevet, and Kayla Desportes), took 1st place at the GT Convergence Innovation Competition in the Social Impact category. Their application, the Sexual Assault Transparence @ Georgia Tech (SAT@GT) app focused on creating a space for GT students and faculty to anonymously discuss instances of sexual assault on campus. The CDC estimates that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted while at college. For Georgia Tech, this equates to roughly 342 students for 2013, yet only 18 instances were officially reported. Why is there such a discrepancy? Why aren't GT women reporting sexual assault? SAT@GT, while not an official reporting tool, was developed in an effort to "close this gap" through allowing anonymous accounts sexual assault for both the student body. Developed in collaboration with the GT Women's Resource Center, the app will also collect high-level data for the Center to better direct campus resources. With the 1st place win, the team will now work with GT RNOC to further develop the SAT@GT app and get it ready for public release in Spring of 2015!
Check out the video for the submission!

Mobility Star Award for Beth Mynatt | September 25, 2014

Beth Mynatt received one of five Mobility Star Awards at Mobility Live 2014. The awards recognize mobile technology leaders who have made a substantial impact in the past year creating and advancing adoption or innovative use of mobile technology, and that have helped grow Atlanta's mobile presence. The list of winners included:
· Jonathan LeCompte, President, Georgia/Alabama Region, Verizon Wireless
· Glenn Lurie, President & CEO, AT&T Mobility
· Tom Daly, Group Director, Global Connections, The Coca-Cola Company
· Dr. Elizabeth Mynatt, Executive Director, Institute for People and Technology, Georgia Tech
· Aaron Hillegass, Founder and Chief Learning Officer, Big Nerd Ranch
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Beth Mynatt chaired Aging in Place Workshop at NIH campus | September 12, 2014

Beth Mynatt chaired a Trans-NIH Interagency workshop on the future research agenda for Aging in Place technologies. More than 80 researchers and government officials attended the workshop held on the NIH campus. Other Georgia Tech attendees included Wendy Rogers, Jon Sanford, and Brian Jones.
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ECL at Pervasive Health '14 | May 16, 2014

Matt Bonner will present a paper on his work on health information seeking this May in Oldenburg, Germany. Congrats, Matt!

ECL at CHI '14 | April 25, 2014

The ECL is presenting three papers at CHI '14 in Toronto, Canada. Maia Jacobs will present a paper on the initial deployment of My Journey Compass, Andrew Miller will present a paper about StepStream, and Jessica Pater will present a paper about her study of online community Something Awful. Come find us!

Andrew Miller Defense! | April 18, 2014

Andrew Miller's defense went off without a hitch this Friday! His dissertation's title is "Social Tools for Everyday Adolescent Health". Well done, Andrew! Andrew is looking for an academic position - watch our site to see where he lands.

Matt Bonner Defense! | April 16, 2014

Matt Bonner successfully defended his dissertation "Exploring Online Health Seeking's Potential Via Social Search" this Wednesday! Congratulations, Matt! Matt is hunting for a research position in industry - stay tuned for his next move.

ECL at CSCW '14 | February 14, 2014

The ECL will be presenting at the conference for Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) February 15-19 in Baltimore. Maia Jacobs will be presenting her latest work with James Clawson on the Cancer Compass project, which explores the design space of cancer navigation. Look for Andrew and Jessica as well!

ECL at CHI and Pervasive Health 2013 | April 12, 2013

You can catch most of the ECL during our spring euro-trip as we attend CHI 2013 in Paris, France (April 27 - May 2) and Pervasive Health 2013 in Venice, Italy (May 5 - 8)! Beth Mynatt will be giving a keynote presentation at Pervasive Health, as well as moderating a panel at CHI. Read on for the rest of the lab!
At CHI, alum Andrea Grimes Parker will present her paper on children's identity management in online health forums, and participate in a panel. Andrew Miller will be participating in a panel as well, while James Clawson is helping organize the workshop on grand challenges in text entry. See you in Paris!
At Pervasive Health, Andrew Miller will present a full paper as well as attend the doctoral consortium, both discussing his dissertation work on StepStream. Matt Bonner will join him at the DC to cover progress on his own dissertation project, Snack. Maia Jacobs will present a poster on her work with James Clawson; the Cancer Compass project. Jessica Pater will also be in attendance - ask her about her work on online communities and cyberbullying. Ciao!
If you're going to be at CHI or Pervasive Health this year, be on the look out for ECL lab members and alums! We'd love to talk with you!