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The Tin Drum Study presented at the American Dietetic Association FNCE in Boston | February 10, 2011

Members of the Everyday Computing Lab created and deployed a personalized ordering terminal at a local Atlanta restaurant that provided diners with healthy eating suggestions as they placed their order. Preliminary findings show that 1 in 7 diners who ordered from the kiosk changed their order to an item that was closer to the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005, in terms of its nutrient balance. These findings have a great bearing on the fight against obesity and other diet related chronic diseases.
In Dec 2010, Jiten presented the preliminary findings of this study at a session called "Extreme Makeover: Nutrition Edition" Consumer Informatics and Technology at the American Dietetic Association's Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo in Boston. Here is a link to a video clip that has the complete audio for the talk superimposed with the slides used for the presentation.

Institute for People and Technology Founded | February 2, 2011

Announcing IPaT, the Institute for People and Technology! Beth Mynatt was recently introduced as the founding executive director of IPaT, a new multi-disciplinary research center at Georgia Tech. IPaT will connect government and private partners with researchers at Georgia Tech, investing in research in areas of major social importance like healthcare, education and consumer media. Learn more about IPaT's work to catalyze researcher and stakeholders engagement by visiting the IPaT website.

Beth Mynatt at TEDx Peachtree | November 22, 2010

Beth's talk at TEDx Peachtree 2010 covered human convergence - the interplay and pushback between new technologies and humans. This back-and-forth is integral to all of our work in the ECL! Watch Beth's here.

Salud! and Usable Health on CNN | November 4, 2010

ECL members have made several appearances on CNN recently! Beth Mynatt and Jiten Chhabra demoed the Usable Health nutritional advice kiosk. A week later, Jiten was back to show off the Usable Health website. Eugene Medynskiy also demoed his Salud! health-tracking application on Ali Velshi's show.
Usable Health: video 1, video 2
Salud!: video

Usable Health profiled by care-innovators | June 8, 2010

Usable Health, which is the commercial face of Dr. J Says, was interviewed by a HIT blog. The details can be found here.